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Strategic consultancy is a value-driven engagement with a high impact on a client's transformation through strategic decision making.

A project-based model mainly relies on an on-site analysis component that consists of assessing client's current business model, engagement with key personnel to clarify any questions related to strategy or initiatives. It involves an in-depth understanding of the clients' firm industry vertical and business environment. This interaction would result in recommendations, assignments, milestones and in determining actionable objectives. A project-based model takes a number of weeks to achieve the desired results considering the requested level of detail collected and analyzed, market and business environment.

QStat Consulting commits to acknowledge the boundaries of confidentiality, keep a client's finances and investment private, confide in only authoritative sources using secure lines of communication, build trust through transparency and responsiveness, encourage collaboration, encourage openness and learning, set clear expectations, be inclusive and reflect diversity, make engagement standard practice, plan and prepare carefully in accordance with its business model. 

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Short or long-term, we pay special attention to maintaining a clear role under the client's accountability while acting as an agent for the client. While the engagement has a taregt output, the process succesfully continues beyond the consultant's participation. 

Pricing is sensitive to engagement scale and type or size of organization.