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Qstat consulting's expertise lies in leveraging structureD strategic analysis to contain uncertainty in competitive markets.


The practices of strategic management are designed to help an organization compete and collaborate within an ever-shifting environment in order to secure the resources needed to survive, thrive, and grow. Our mission is to guide executive decision makers in accurately predicting and building a sustained competitive advantage by redeployment of unique resources in changing circumstances. 



Strategic Management Analysis

QStat Consulting conducts strategic analysis using a set of quantitatively based decision models to assist management decision makers, whose aim is to produce the best possible understanding of the current and potential future states of an organization’s internal architecture, business model, and external environment.

The primary inputs required for strategic analysis are the reality of an organization’s situation and the raw data that capture and describe that reality.

QStat Consulting uses internal and external data to define compelling strategic analysis and risk assessment; these are used by organizations to formulate and implement competitive and management actions and by investors to conduct due diligence, company valuation, and equity research.

The fundamental use of input, matching and decision stages using industry-related benchmarks enable managers and investors make rational decisions under uncertainty, create and capture value in a competitive market.


Decision Making Tools

Competitive Intelligence and market analysis are essential to managing a set of criteria for high-quality and value data assessment. We use advanced desktop and web intelligence, and a network of independent contractors for primary intelligence to extract only valuable information. Quantitative five forces framework, external and internal factor evaluation matrix, financial ratios and many others help to structure and identify the relevant variables and the questions to be answered.

Use of Quantitative Tools and Decision Models to Assist Decision Makers

Mathematical modeling of competitive forces in the current industry are the essential tools to think and operate strategically in order to deal with uncertainties and vagueness associated with the use of frameworks, methods, and indexes. A structured communication technique is used with our Clients to ultimately create a weighted average for all the external forces at play.  

QStat Consulting provides quantitative tools as appropriate methodologies for determining industry attractiveness.

This quantitative model serves not just as an analytical technique for a background investigation, but as the strategic decision-making tool to understand competitive positions and industry through competitive benchmarking.

Integration of Decision Models in Strategic Decision Making

During the matching stage, strategic analysis strengths its roots in formulating competitive strategies . QStat Consulting employs analytical methods to determine the best strategy created and aligned with internal and external management decisions. Mathematical modeling and strategic decision making tools determine the ranking order of all strategies by calculating the distance to the ideal and not-so-ideal solutions. 

To better understand the probabilistic behavior of the resulting strategic decisions, risk assessment is tailored through the use of highly selective statistical simulations.


QStat Consulting engages in formulating the most appropriate objectives to capture sustainable competitive advantage. 

Our engagement model.

Our engagement model.


All proposals for a full-report are free and flexible. QStat Consulting offers special flat rate service to private investors, seed and early stage companies.

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Andrea P. Malizia, PhD, MBA                                      Managing Director

Consultant strategist with analytical expertise in implementing strategic management and creating competitive advantage for the biopharmaceutical industry.